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Our professional events largely focus on personal development seminars and networking. These provide students with opportunities to foster relationships and broaden their knowledge about careers in accounting and finance.



KPMG - Unconscious Bias Workshop

We partnered with KPMG where participants
delved into identifying and combating
unconscious bias.


The session equipped
attendees with crucial insights and strategies to
foster inclusivity and overcome unconscious
biases in professional settings including
completing the Harvard Unconscious Bias test.

BAP Speed Networking

May 2023

Students from BAP chapters across Victoria were
allocated into small rotational groups where they
are able to network with professionals from top
financial services firms.


Through this experience, students gained a first-hand perspective from industry professionals.


Professionals from
Deloitte, Grant Thornton, KPMG, NAB, Pitcher
Partners, PwC and many more attended the event.

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Career Connect - Essential Skills Workshop

August 2023

Our collaboration with Career Connect was

impactful, featuring an Essential Skills
Workshop. Students engaged in sessions
focused on effective communication, teamwork,
and cultural intelligence.


This initiative aimed to equip participants with practical skills vital for
success in diverse professional environments,
enhancing their employability and interpersonal

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McKinsey - Oceania Case Competition

October 2023

The McKinsey Oceania Case Competition provided a transformative

experience, enhancing participants' consulting acumen,
presentation finesse, and teamwork prowess.

Exposure to real-world challenges, coupled with invaluable

feedback from McKinsey
consultants, propelled professional growth in
a dynamic, competitive setting.

CA ANZ x PWC x Fordham - Future of Accounting

October 2023

In collaboration with CA ANZ, PwC, and Fordham,
the event showcased industry insights from
professionals in accounting.


The panel delved into high-growth areas like AI, data, tech, sustainability, and cybersecurity, offering valuable market
knowledge for those considering internships or
graduate roles.


It was an excellent opportunity to glimpse the future of the accounting industry, and gain insightful advice.


Past Professional Events

Below you can find archives of professional events that were held in previous years. 

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