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Orientation Day Event 2021

22 Feburary 2020

On Monday 22th of February, the Xi Epsilon Chapter came together for an Orientation Day event to welcome both new and existing members to the 2021 academic year. 

The day began with a short networking session where members were given the opportunity to get to know each other. Following this, the committee extended a welcoming speech that addressed the values and objectives of the Chapter for the upcoming year. 

Members then embarked on an Amazing Race which started at Monash Caulfield Campus and completed challenges that led them around various locations in Melbourne’s CBD. In small groups, members worked together to plan the most efficient and effective way of completing the Amazing Race, requiring them to think laterally and communicate with one another. Not only did this allow members to hone their teamwork and leadership skills, but it was also a fantastic opportunity for members to deepen existing friendships, as well as found new ones.

The day ended with a cheerful dinner at the Caulfield Racecourse Hotel with great conversation, laughter and many shared stories about triumphs and defeats from the day.
A huge thank you to our members for your participation and enthusiasm!

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