We are thrilled to see our past members graduate and are excited to watch them prosper into the future leaders of business.


Ashlee Edelstein

Christian Morina (Treasurer 2019, President 2020)

Emma Pell (Marketing Director 2020)

Emma Tibballs (Vice President 2019)

Frances Donaldson

Hamish Purcell (Executive Reporter 2019, Vice President 2020)

James Poulton

Katherine Bell (Executive Reporter 2018)

Rachel Lee

Ronald Tay

Sarah Bernades (Events Director 2019)

Sarah Nim

Stephen Grotter

Vincent Lam

YiShan Neo (Marketing Director 2019)


Aarushi Dhir (President 2019)

Andrew Thurin

Aparna Ravindran

Chaya New

Daniel Goodman (President 2018)

Ellen Hawkins (Secretary 2017-18, Chair 2019)

Gilad Harel

James Michael (Co-director of Events 2018)

Louise Witherow

Melissa Kung

Suzanna Chin

Tylah Ryan

Weai Hans Pang


Brent Patterson (Treasurer)

Desmond Min Shen Soon

Elliott Batiste (Vice-President)

Hang Deng

Hayley Forrest

Jacqueline Ducza

Jarren Lam

Lauren Simpson

Mangala Prasetia (President 2017, Chair 2018)

Rachael Freund (Co-director of Events)

Rodney Chizik (Treasurer)

William Dai

Yvonne Lam


Alan Anderson

Christine Leung

Jackson Field

Kai Lim (Nico) Fu

Keeley Dunn

Linda Ho

Morgan Stevens (Vice President, Chair)

Nicole Ng (Vice President of Events)

Vincent Di Lorenzo

Viranki Gunasekera (Vice President of MIS)